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Never drive faster than your angel can fly ...

How I started ... until today ...

NSU Quickly

Kreidler Florett Gebläse

Kreidler Florett RS

Yamaha RD 250

Yamaha SR 500

Honda CB 750 F

BMW R1200C Montauk

Harley Davidson Fat Bob


R 1200 GS LC

Harley XR1200X

HD Road King Anniversary



That's how it started, when I was 15.

50 cc, how many hp - I don't remember.

This Quickly was very stable and robust. I drove three months without using the clotch because no money. With 20 marks a month it was just enough for petrol and one time meat loaf and potato salad in the pub in Sielmingen.

When I was 16 and had the driving license I was 

then allowed to drive a bike with 50 cc.

Kreidler Florett

Kreidler RS. My first one was grey. Then I bought a second one without engine and made one out of two.

I don't have pictures anymore. This one is from the internet.

With 18 and the real license for motorbikes I got a Yamaha RD 250. That was different. Two strokes and from 5000 rpm it made a real boost forward.  
Yamaha SR 500

One Cylinder only and no electric starter. You really needed experience to start the engine. Specially when you were watched. And this bike was famous for that.

With low rotations already this bike had a tremendous boost and good vibrations. After a long trip you feel it in all your bones.


Honda CB 750 F 4-cylinder 16-valve. A heavy bike with 258 kg with a lot of chrome. A good torque from the bottom, but also speed and a boost at 5000 rpm. You are forced to drive fast. I told myself, the next bike should be a 2-cylinder.


Then I was working for some time outside of Germany. I sold it which I regret many times. After 11 years it looked like new.

BMW R1200C Montauk.

I didn't make a test drive. I thought, that's it. Only with reading the test reports in the internet I got it and never regret.





Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

No words, no need ...



Das war am ersten Tag, auf der Fahrt von Abu Dhabi nach Madinat Zayed, 2009

No Model Colour Used from km License No


1 NSU Quikly Grey April 72 until April 73  


2 Kreidler Fancooled Yellow April 73 until February 74  

ES -

3 Kreidler RS Red Feb. 74 until September 74  

ES -

4 Kreidler RS Grey September 74 until April 75  

ES -

5 Yamaha RD 250 Blau April 76 until May 78 5 000

ES - HT 556

6 Yamaha SR 500 Grau Mai 78 until June 83 7 000

ES - EJ 693

7 Honda CB 750 FC Weiss June 83 until October 95 12 000

ES - T 392

8 BMW R1200C Montauk Schwarz since October 2005 37 460

ES - CA 6

9 Harley Davidson Fat Bob Black Pearl since 14. May 2009 23 800 AD 3920 / ES - CA 89
10 BMW R1200GS LC White since June 2013 7500 ES - CA 87
 11 H. Davidson XR1200X  Schwarz seit Januar 2014 0 Saudi Arabien

January 2014 - updated figures are here >>>

Mehr Infos über die Montauk auf der nächsten Seite.

(Bild von Airklaus geliehen, weil es so super ist)








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